The limited mobility of the thoracic spine means that intervertebral joints on this level are subjected to less than those at the lumbar or cervical level, this means that there is less degeneration and spinal stenosis in this area.Patología lumbar: estenosis del canal torácico

Clinical signs:

The patient presents a more or less progressive profile of loss of strength and sensitivity in the lower extremities due to compression of the spinal cord brought about by the reduce size of the bone space it passes through.


The clinical record and physical examination indicate the location of the problem, imaging tests, especially magnetic resonance imaging, will be of great importance when defining the underlying pathology and aid in limiting the levels affected and the size of the surgical decompression.


Treatment will be surgical. The purpose of the surgery will be to widen the size of the spinal canal by resecting the laminae of the affected vertebrae, the rear part of the vertebra the closes the canal.