Vertebral fractures whether traumatic or osteoporotic as a result of traffic accidents as well as the ageing of the population, have become an important cause of chronic back pain.técnicas neurocirugia: cifoplastias

The treatments that were applied years ago on the basis of corsets and bed rest. Meant that patients had to be absent from work for several weeks and in the case of elderly patients it was responsible for associated morbidity.

The purpose of this procedure, performed under general anaesthetic and radiological control, is to obtain a good pain control. Several spinal punctions are required, one to one side and another at a level of the vertebra to be treated. A balloon is then inserted and inflated to regain the height of the vertebral body while at the same time creating a cavity for the cement that is then injected into the damaged vertebral body.

After the procedure the patient remains in hospital for 24-48 hours and can recommence daily activities on discharge.