Chronic lumbar pain can be diagnosed through a good medical record and additional tests to determine its origin. In some patients the pain mechanism is due to poor function of the joints responsible for the movement of the spinal column, this dysfunction brings about an inflammatory process at a joint level and causes pain. The muscles block the inflamed segment to reduce the pain and this causes muscular contractures resulting in pain in the mid-term.

rizolisisThis process brings about clinical pain in these joints. This profile is especially common for the lower back. In these cases the patient normally complains of pain on both sides of the spine which increases with exercise and stretching movements.

The treatment of choice for these cases consists of rhizolysis, causing heat damage to the nerves innervating the joint.

The procedure is carried out in the operating theatre with radiological assistance and the patient can be discharged after the procedure.

In many cases, due to the association with muscular contractures, intramuscular ozone therapy is associated with rhizolysis.

These procedures are not very aggressive for the spine as they do not damage any of the elements responsible for its stability. In general between 80-85% of patients suffering from facet syndromes present notable improvement with these procedures.