Microsurgery is a technique that enables repairing small calibre vessels and nerves.

Microsurgery uses optical magnification and precision instruments and can be applied to different surgical specialties.

Microsurgical techniques enable solving surgical problems that cannot be resolved with normal techniques as they require the repair of small structures such as small calibre arteries and veins, up to 0.5 mm. in diameter. It enables repairing all types of nerve damage such as severing, compression, neuromas etc.

The peripheral nervous system is one of the three large compartments of the nervous system, together with the brain and spinal cord. Its basic importance is that it connects the sites where nerve impulses are generated and synchronised (brain and spinal cord) with the muscles and sensory receptors, and therefore with the outside world. Surgical diseases that affect peripheral nerves and plexuses are treated by multidisciplinary teams that include plastic surgeons, neurosurgeons, traumatologists, neurologists, neurophysiologists and physiotherapists.

Situations requiring urgent action:

  • amputations
  • devascularisation
  • acute nerve damage in limbs
  • traumatic nerve damage in cervicofacial areas

Referred surgical situations:

  • lymphatic reconstruction
  • functional reconstruction of limbs and face
  • reconstruction de soft parts, bones, blood vessels or nerves in limbs