Discomfort and cervical pain are one of the main reasons for consulting a physician. This is because of daily living and work habits tend to overload the cervical area and the connection between the neck and arms. One clear example of this is all job activities that require long periods of time working with a computer and causing overload of this area.

Usually the pain can be resolved with improved lifestyle habits, correct posture and exercise. However this is sometimes not sufficient and it is important to consult a neurosurgeon expert in the spine to assess the situation. Dolores cervicales. patologia columna cervical

The main disorders associated with the cervical spine are described below:

  • Slipped disc: this occurs when a fragment of disc tissue moves and compresses nerve structures. It is important to assess the size, location and relationship to the structures surrounding the slipped disc.
  • Cervical arthrosis: normally people who suffer from cervical osteoarthritis also suffer it in other parts of the body. As it may be a diffuse pathology it is important to perform good rehabilitation using minimally invasive techniques to reduce the pain or make it disappear.
  • Spinal stenosis: on occasions osteoarthritis may evolve to such an extent that it narrows the spinal column and the channel for the spinal cord and nerves leading to the arms. Depending on the severity of the case consideration should be given to the need to operate to free these structures.
  • Cervical and occipitocervical instability: there are multiple causes of this instability but two are the most frequent:
    • 1- Degenerative processes of the cervical vertebrae
    • 2- Accident trauma. If the instability is significant it may require fixation of the segment.


Herniated cervical disc